5 Things You Should Know About an Alabama Midwife

Finding an Alabama Midwife is simultanieously easier and harder than you think. I know. I’ve contradicted myself right out of the gate. Why would it be easy and difficult? It’s difficult because there really aren’t a ton of midwives that serve the southern half of Alabama. And yet, it’s easy because the ones that do serve Alabama are incredible! I had the opportunity to ask Jo Crawford, CPM some burning questions about her practice and how she cares for her expecting mamas. These are things you, as an expecting mom on the hunt for a midwife, need to know about an Alabama midwife.

things you need to know about an alabama midwife

Alabama Midwife

1. I’m in my third trimester, is it too late to work with an Alabama Midwife?

Not necessarily, it often depends on the situation and availability of the midwife.

6. Do I have to give birth at home?

Absolutely not. At any time before or even during labor, if you change your mind and want to transfer to the hospital, then we are happy to make that happen. After the safety of you and baby, The most important thing is that you get the birth you desire and you are well informed on all your choices.

things you need to know about an alabama midwife

Giving Birth with a Midwife

7. What happens if I go into labor while my Alabama midwife is out of town?

Most midwives will not go out of town during the 37-42 week window of safe out of hospital delivery. Very occasionally if the midwife has already planned travel before the client come into her care, a back-up midwife is planned ahead to cover during that time.

things you need to know about an alabama midwife

Alabama Midwife – The Details

8. What equipment do you bring to a birth?

Midwives bring ALOT of equipment to births. Anything from the standard vital sign equipment like BP cuffs and stethoscopes to resuscitation gear, or oxygen and medications. We typically have at least 2 big organizer type bags for birth gear.

9. Why would someone choose an Alabama midwife over a Doctor?

If you are low risk and want a more intimate, low intervention style birth, then there is no reason you cannot have an out of hospital birth. Typically we spend about an hour with you at each visit, do very in depth nutrition counseling, and provide many different ways to incorporate alternative therapy into your care. The USA is actually one of the very few countries in the world that does not utilize this type of care for the majority of their low risk mothers.

things you need to know about an alabama midwife

I can’t tell you enough how amazing my birth’s were. I may not have specifically used an Alabama Midwife (all of my babies were born in Nebraska). But I can tell you that a constant between every midwife I’ve ever met or talked to: they care deeply about you. You are not just another number. You’re not just a patient. You become family. Friend. This is the person that is bringing your baby into the world and there is a connection there. It can’t be denied. If you are looking to work with a midwife for your birth consider reaching out to Jo Crawford. You can find her contact details HERE. I know that you will be in great hands with her care.

If you are expecting I encourage you to look around here a bit more! Memories are fleeting and no amount of brain space can record a memory quite like a photograph. I am passionate about helping people maintain the memories of the in-between moments that might be lost in our minds. Those moments that we might not remember on our own. To learn more about an experience with me, click HERE. If you’d like to inquire more about a session click HERE. I would love to serve you and your growing family.

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