Birmingham Women’s Hospital | What to Pack for your Birth

You must be due soon. You are just itching to meet your little one and the excitement is palpable! A trip to Birmingham Women’s Hospital is imminent and you just can’t seem to sit still even though it’s now much more difficult to move around! I know when I was pregnant, the last trimester seemed to just slow down to a slow motion crawl. Having projects and tasks helped me get through those last bits of pregnancy without completely losing my mind! I love a good list and while I am in no way a medical professional or a birth coach, I have had six of my own babies and I can tell you what I packed and what I wish I had packed for my own births. Perhaps it will give you some ideas on what’s right for your birth experience!

Birmingham Women's Hospital What to Pack

A Weekender Bag

First and foremost you will need a really great bag to be able to carry your things in. I love a good bag. If it’s a great bag with lots of pockets? Sold. I can get really picky with bags though. It can’t be too floppy so that when it’s empty its just a giant puddle of material. But it also can’t be too stiff so that you feel like you’re just carrying around a cardboard box. I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite weekender bags

The Elisabet Duffle from ABLE – gorgeous leather, impeccable quality. And you can try this bag for free before you purchase!

Canvas and Leather Bag from S-Zone – if you’re not looking to spend a lot of money on a bag this is a great option from Amazon.

The Weekender by Fawn Design – Everyone loves a good Fawn Design bag. Their new weekender bag looks amazing with all its pockets and compartments! This is going to be your favorite bag, for sure.

Birmingham Women's Hospital What to Pack


Don’t forget your toothbrush!Think of this like a little hotel stay. Anything that you would take on a short overnight trip, you might want to take to Birmingham Women’s hospital for your birth:

  • shampoo/conditioner
  • brush/comb
  • socks
  • hair ties and/or soft headband
  • make up removing wipes
  • phone and charger
Birmingham Women's Hospital What to Pack

Essentials to bring to Birmingham Women’s Hospital


Many times people will advise you to just bring one “coming home from the hospital” outfit for you and baby. But I suggest you bring at least two for each of you. Depending on how long your stay is you might want to have a change of clothes so you don’t have to lounge around in an awkward hospital gown for days on end. Likewise, you can dress your baby in whatever you want as soon as you want! I didn’t realize this until my 5th baby….but no one is stopping you from getting those adorable newborn clothes that you have been collecting onto your wee little one. Bring a few because babies are messy from the first moments of life!

Birmingham Women's Hospital What to Pack

Your New Body

Maybe I had my head buried under a rock or maybe I just wasn’t paying attention. But no one prepared me for the shock of my new body. I’m not quite sure why it didn’t occur to me that after having a human being in my body for almost a year that my skin and stomach and muscles wouldn’t just magically be the same after birth. Needless to say….don’t be me. Your body is beautiful and a post partum body is nothing to be ashamed about. But knowing this is key to preparing your hospital bag. Don’t grab those pre pregnancy jeans quite yet! I suggest packing a simple baggy t-shirt and your softest, stretchiest pair of pants you loved through your pregnancy. If you loved them pregnant, they will probably be comfy post birth. And you want to be prepared in case you leave the hospital with a c-section incision. We are not trying to win a beauty pageant here. But also, it’s ok to try to make it cute! You will feel out of sorts and its helpful if your clothes at least look put together even if it is casual.

Birmingham Women's Hospital What to Pack

The Personal Stuff

Yep. If your a dude….I won’t feel hurt if you click on through somewhere else. I’ll give you a shortcut: Click HERE to chat with me about booking a session for your expecting wife.

The hospital should provide you with everything you need “down there”. But you will also want to bring along some nursing essentials that will be new to you if this is your first birth:

  • nursing pads
  • nipple balm
  • nursing bra
  • nursing pillow
  • nipple shield

What Else to Bring to Birmingham Women’s Hospital

Birmingham Women's Hospital What to Pack

Hopefully this has been a helpful tool for you to not only pack your hospital bag but stay busy while you wait for your babe to make their grand entrance. Since you are interest in packing your bag for your Birmingham Women’s Hospital stay you might be interested in:

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Since you are expecting a baby soon, don’t hesitate to reach out about a maternity or newborn session with me. I would consider it an honor to capture your family memories for you.

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