The Best Hair Salons in Tuscaloosa | What You Need To Know

I’ve done quite a bit of research for you on the best hair salons in Tuscaloosa. Color me impressed. (see what I did there?). I have had my fair share of frustration when it comes to finding a stylist. I’ve moved a few times, I’ve found THE stylist of my dreams, and then moved again. It can be really difficult. I’m going to walk you through a few great tips on how to find a stylist that can meet your needs. I’ve also rounded up a list of the best hair salons in Tuscaloosa just for you!

Hair Salons in Tuscaloosa

The first thing on my radar when looking for the best hair salons in tuscaloosa is to look at their social media images. These days its easier than ever to “vet” someone from any service or industry with a quick Instagram check. Instagram remains my favorite resource for finding local services. I know a lot of people like to ask for recommendations on Facebook. But for me, I really like to see what I’m going to be getting instead of just taking the word of (mostly) strangers. Since instagram is a visual platform you can really see the work of a stylist before you trust them with your hair. As a Birmingham newborn photographer that encourages my clients to go get their hair done for their session, I really value a salon that obviously is very aware of the details and aesthetics that make a product stand out and shine. The details are important. This is key. If they can’t get the details right, the whole thing can go downhill really fast. And what better way to check their awareness of the details than to look over their social media images.

Consistency of Tuscaloosa Hair Salons Portfolio

The second thing I look for when I’m searching for the best hair salons in Tuscaloosa is to find out if they can really understand a vision. Let me explain. How many of us come to our hair stylist with a inspiration image of what we want our hair to look like? Whether its an up-do, cut or color we usually have something in mind. Getting that vision from our head to our stylists head can be a challenge. So most of us find an image of a style or cut or color we love to try to communicate visually. Do you know how many stylists I’ve been to that fail miserably even with a picture in front of them? Finding out how well a stylist gets from inspiration image to execution of that style will tell you a lot about their skill. I LOVE when stylists have comparison images of what the client wanted and how they delivered on that expectation.

Pay attention to the Stylists’ Style

One last tip. Look at the personal style of the stylist. How does their hair look? How does their makeup look? How to they dress? If they don’t at least generally line up with what you are drawn to, you might not be a good fit. This doesn’t mean they are bad at what they do! But I wouldn’t hire a stylist wearing doc martins, rhinestone jeans, purple hair and a nose ring. That’s just not me and whatever I show them in terms of style is going to be seen through a different lens than me. Again, this doesn’t mean they are bad, it just means our style differs so much that I can’t be confident that we will be on the same page with how a style looks best even when looking at the same image. The details we intake are different based off of what is important to us.

The Nook – I am SO impressed with the Nook in Tuscaloosa. I would say this is my top pick for the best hair salons in Tuscaloosa. They even have a location in Birmingham if you live closer to the city! Just one look at their website tells me these stylists know what they are doing.

Alex Yarber Salon – Owned by a Runway & Editoral HMA this hair salon in Tuscaloosa has so much training and expertise behind it. Take a close look at their stylists. They have strong personalities and it may or may not be for you! But I can assure you, they are experts at what they do.

Glam – This hair salon in Tuscaloosa does a lot more than just hair. A salon and blow dry bar, they do everything from nails and up-dos to sauna services and spray tanning. With many stylists to choose from there is bound to be a great fit for you.

Vibe – I love a salon with a great aesthetic. Vibe salon is SO cute. You will not only be in great hands, but you will be in a better mood afterwards just from having been in this cute space.

BloGo – This is a salon and skin wellness center. I highly recommend checking out their facial treatments pre-session. What could be better than a professional hair style for your session? A professional hair style AND glowing skin. Yes please.

NC Salon – So many stylist to choose from, if you’re in a pinch for timing, there is bound to be an opening for you here.

With those three things in mind I’ve rounded up a list of some amazing hair salons in Tuscaloosa that will serve you so well for your upcoming session. I’m sure you will have amazing success booking any one of these salons for your up-do or blowout for your session.

I hope you found this helpful. If you’re wanting to inquire about a photography session with me, don’t hesitate to reach out. I would love to chat with you more about how I can best serve you. In the meantime you can read about a session experience.

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