Labor of Love Doula Services | What You Need to Know

Labor of Love Doula Services is passionate about helping moms-to-be achieve the best birth and postpartum experience possible.

With her certified doula training and knowledge of natural childbirth options, Gabi Vanleer has been offering dedicated support to women during their labor and delivery for over years now, and has been interested in the beauty of human life and birth, and the birthing process, for as long as she can remember.

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Labor of Love Doula Services is Compassionate

Gabi is deeply committed to providing compassionate support for women during their labor and delivery, as well as in postpartum recovery. She puts into practice a birthing philosophy that emphasizes utilizing natural resources to achieve the best outcome, while respecting each woman’s individual needs and preferences.

Gabi truly believes that every woman should have the birth experience they envision for themselves and their baby, no matter what route they choose to take. Her goal is to provide physical, emotional, and informational support to moms before, during, and after delivery.

Labor of Love Doula Services is Dedicated

They understand the importance of postpartum recovery and is dedicated to helping women have a safe, healthy start to motherhood. Gabi provides comprehensive support during this time, including guidance on newborn care tasks, assistance with the transition into parenthood, and providing comfort and companionship in your home.

Services include birth doula and postpartum doula services, as well as prenatal classes. Labor of Love Doula Services is here to create a safe space for women throughout their pregnancy and birth journey so that they can feel confident, empowered, and cared for as they bring their baby into the world.  You can reach out today and learn more about their amazing doula care.

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