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"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."

-Leonardo DaVinci

So you are ready to take the next step in your business! This is so exciting! I truly believe that the one thing that sets an amateur apart from a professional is the quality of their images. I can't tell you how many times I have scrolled passed things (they might even be great products!) just because the image did not catch my attention. This is the journey we are about to embark on together. Let't take your future client's breath away on their scroll.


During your session I am mostly looking for authenticity. So just be perfectly you! While I will absolutely get some images of you smiling at the camera so you have some images that will gain your client's trust, a lot of the images will me moving around you this way and that way getting different angles and capturing that authentic personality I see in you.


I know firsthand that your portraits are important to you. It's easy to let your anxiety take over. Here are my top tips for a successful session.

go all out

You've put all this effort into your business and are paying to make your images look incredible. Go the extra step and get your hair and makeup done. A 5 star chef would never serve his food on a cheap plastic tupperware. Treat your images with the same care.

mind the details

Some close up images of your hands while working might be incorporated into your session. Take the time to make sure your fingernails (and even toenails!) are neat and tidy without chipped polish. Press on nails or a fresh manicure are recommended.

speak to your clients

Whatever additional items you choose to include in your session (laptop, clothing choice, props...) it must speak to YOUR client. If your client is fancy, dress fancy. If your client is business casual, do that. However, don't show up in old sweatpants, please.

Don't stress

Just relax. I got this. I've dealt with countless clients of all personalities and I know what to do to get the image right. However, if you feel uncomfortable and tense, your clients will sense that in your images. Trust me, be confident in yourself and have fun.

more on wardrobe


My studio wardrobe is open and available to all my clients, but it mostly consists of long, romantic, flow-y gowns. If that doesn't speak to your ideal client then it's probably best that you provide your own clothing for your session.


Tips for your session wardrobe:

Keep it Neutral

Jewel tones and anything described as "colorful" or "saturated" is a no-go. Even if you like those colors, I have found that neutrals are best when appealing to a wide audience. Stick to black, white, cream, tan or anything muted or "earthy".

find the balance

Your clothing should be a direct representation of what you are trying to sell. However, if you were selling sleepwear or lingerie you would never show up to your session in underwear or that old hole-y t-shirt from 1998 that you wear to bed every night. Be professional. No need to wear a ballgown but we are going for something more put together than a baggy shirt and ratty jeans. Some examples might look like this:

your best light wash jeans with a lace blouse

your best dark jeans and a white tee with a black blazer

a breezy linen dress

white jeans with a chunky oversized sweater

black jeans with a white button up half tucked shirt

what to bring

Again, think about what it is you are trying to sell. Make sure these items are beautiful and special. If you're a baker, maybe bring some of the ingredients or beautiful tools you use when creating your pastries. (brass measuring cups, wooden bowls vs. tupperware and that old green spatula...). Brooke & Lou has some lovely kitchen supplies. If you are a social media manager perhaps just your phone and laptop will work. Or bring along a beautiful planner and some unique pens. Rifle paper Co. has lovely office supplies. Brainstorm through what your client is thinking about and we will incorporate it into your session in some way

best practices


what will we communicate?

With your images there are a few different things we will want to make sure we communicate to your audience.






Each image I take has a strategy in mind for your future clients. Above all, we want to create trust. If your clients don't trust you, they won't hire you. When you are going through your finished gallery and you're choosing the image that will represent you on your profile images, contact pages and online presence, you really want it to be an image of you looking straight at the camera. There is so much you can tell about a person from their eyes. Your face should fill roughly 2/3 of the profile image circle or square. This is because often times these images are so tiny (think Instagram profile image on a phone!). Your clients should see you right away and not feel like you are hiding from them. This gains trust. These other things we communicate will be more nuanced and might be reflected in your text and copy. But overall, we are wanting to help your clients trust you.

hair and makeup


Here are some inspiration images to help you navigate what to tell your stylist. Natural, timeless hairstyles and neutral makeup to bring out your natural beauty. If you want to create a more casual look try adding a cute neutral headband.

Here are a few links to the girls I recommend for hair and makeup.




A visual representation of colors for nail polish and accessories that will coordinate well with the style of my images

what's next


After you leave your session, I begin carefully editing your images. Every portrait you will see is the very best of what was captured at your session. Once your images are ready I will send your gallery to you via email. This usually takes me about 3 weeks.


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If you have any questions about your session don't hesitate to reach out. You can either contact me below, or just send me a quick email or text.


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