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You’ve found a Bellevue family photographer!  Hooray!  But now you’re hesitant to book because photography sessions can be a source of stress and anxiety, especially when young children are involved. It’s important to remember that these sessions are meant to capture your family’s love and connection, not perfect poses and forced smiles. With a little preparation and a relaxed attitude, you can create a stress-free and enjoyable Bellevue family photography session with toddlers. Here are some tips and tricks to help you get started.

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Bellevue Family Photographer tips working with your toddler, not against

1.  Be Authentic

One of the most important things you can do is to be yourself. Don’t try to be someone you’re not, or put on a show for the camera. Authentic interactions between you and your loved ones are what make for the best photos. So just be perfectly you! If you’re having fun and being yourself, your children will follow suit.  Any Bellevue family photographer worth their salt will tell you this is the starting point.  What’s the point in documenting memories that are fake?

2.  Prepare Your Little Ones for a Fun Session

The best way to prepare your little ones for a great Bellevue family photographer session is to expect to have fun. Threats and other tactics that could cause tears will set a mood that is hard to undo. If you are having fun, they will too. If you set their expectations for a good time, chances are, they will have a good time. Children and babies (and husbands!) can sense stress, and it will set the wrong tone for the day. Just relax. I got this. You think your toddler is impossible? I’ve dealt with countless toddlers of all personalities, and I know what to do. If you are relaxed and having fun, they will be too.

3.  Choose the Right Time

Choosing the right time of day for your session can make a big difference. Toddlers are often at their best in the morning, after they’ve had a good night’s sleep and a healthy breakfast. Be mindful of nap times and plan your session accordingly. Avoid scheduling your session during your child’s typical nap time or mealtime. A well-rested and well-fed toddler is much more likely to be happy and cooperative during the session.

4.  Be Patient

Toddlers have a lot of energy and can be easily distracted. They may not want to sit still or look at the camera. That’s okay! Be patient and let your photographer work their magic. Trust that they will capture beautiful moments, even if your toddler is running around or making silly faces. Remember, the goal of the session is to capture your family’s love and connection, not perfect poses and forced smiles.

5.  Be Flexible

Sometimes things don’t go according to plan. Your child may have a meltdown or refuse to cooperate. That’s okay! Be flexible and willing to adapt. Your photographer may have some tricks up their sleeve to help calm your child down or redirect their attention. Trust that they will work with you to create beautiful photos, no matter what happens.

6.  Bring a small mess free snack

Toddlers get hungry and cranky.  Snacks on hand are always a good idea!  My favorite mess-free snacks are cheerios, rice snacks and marshmallows if a treat is more motivating for your little one!

Make Your session the Best possible with these simple tips from a seasoned Bellevue Family Photographer

Bellevue family photographer sessions with toddlers can be stress-free and enjoyable with a little preparation and a relaxed attitude. Remember to be authentic, prepare your little ones for a fun session, bring props and activities, choose the right time, dress comfortably, be patient, and be flexible. With these tips.

I find it an absolute joy to photograph families during some of their most precious memories.  As a Bellevue family photographer I get to see the most wonderful families at the very beginning of their parenting journey.  This sweet family chose me to document this special time because of the value that tangible memories provide.  Images were never intended to be lost on a hardrive.  Studies have been done to show that when your children walk by their images proudly displayed in your home, their self esteem will increase just by the presence of these incredible images.  And the better the images, the better their self esteem.

I would absolutely love to have a chat with you about an experience with me.  I am so very passionate about not only getting your memories printed for your home but also serving you.  You have enough on your plate right now.  Lets not let those images sit unseen on a USB drive, but lets also not add another thing to your to-do list.  From the details of picking outfits to designing to delivery, I will handle it all so you don’t have to.  In order to give my clients this luxury service, I only take a limited number of clients per month so contact me as soon as possible to get on my calendar.

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