3 Ways to Know If OB GYN Associates of Montgomery is A Good Fit For You

The resources at OB GYN Associates of Montgomery cover women in every area of their health journey. In addition to their Gynecological and obstetric care, they also care for women dealing with infertility. Whether you are thinking about becoming a mom and need to make sure your health is in top top shape or you have a high risk pregnancy, OB GYN Associates of Montgomery does it all. Below you will find a little more detail about what you can find as far as women’s health care at OB GYN Associates of Montgomery and 3 reasons they might be a good fit for you.

OB GYN Associates of Montgomery Maternity Image

OB GYN Associates of Montgomery Women’s Health

Whether you live in Troy, Wetumpka, Montgomery or Prattville, OB GYN Associates of Montgomery has locations to make your health top priority. There are so many things that go into starting a family, including all the care needed before you’re even pregnant! Their dedication to your health is obvious from the very first interaction. Having a clinic right around the corner is such an important detail. If you’re looking for women’s healthcare you are very likely to either be a busy mom or expecting or wanting to be one soon. What 36 week pregnant mom wants to trek 30 minutes across town for an appointment every week? Or even more often if you’re high risk? Having something close by is such a gift. OB GYN Associates on Montgomery has thought of this and there are several locations around the River Region to make your health a convenience.

OB GYN Associates of Montgomery Midwifery

This is probably my favorite part of OB GYN Associates of Montgomery. The fact that they have several Certified Nurse Midwives (CNM) on staff. Vicki Brooks, Dana Moorer, and Charla smith together have more than 20 years experience in serving expecting moms. Vicki alone had 6 children of her own which, in my opinion, gives her an amazing perspective in caring for her patients. She has attended the birth of over 5000 babies!! If that doesn’t give you confidence in her skill and care I don’t know what will. All of my babies were born in a hospital with a CNM and out of 6 births, not a single one was dramatic, difficult, horrible or really bad in any way. I’ve never had a c-section and I’m so grateful. I’m convinced that midwives are the way to go. My friend, Ambuir Clary (a local doula), posted a very interesting statistic the other day that is a testament to why hiring a midwife is a good choice even though it’s less common.

OB GYN Associates of Montgomery Infertility Clinic

If becoming pregnant is not as easy for you, consider reaching out to OB GYN Associates of Montgomery for their infertility clinic. Their staff is trained in the diagnoses and treatment of a wide range of disorders that can contribute to making getting pregnant difficult. This is one of the most difficult paths to walk and I cannot even imagine the strength it takes to suffer through infertility. My first two pregnancies ended in miscarriage and even that was enough to shake me. If you are having a hard time becoming pregnant whether its your first or you’re dealing with secondary infertility, not only do you have my utmost sympathy and prayers, but hopefully OB GYN Associates of Montgomery can be a resource for you to help you achieve your goals of becoming a mom. ♡

Whatever stage you’re at in your life OB GYN Associates of Montgomery is focused on your health. Women’s health. Mom’s tend to care for everyone else first and themselves last. Let’s not do that anymore. Reach out today and see if OB GYN Associates of Montgomery is a good fit for you. And if you are expecting a little one and you’d like to know more about a photography session, click HERE to find out more about the experience or HERE to contact me.

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