Peek at me 4D | The Real Reason They Are So Amazing

I often get asked about where the best ultrasound clinics are. Time and again Peek at me 4D ultrasound clinic comes up again and again as outstanding in multiple ways. Not only do they have the trust of their patients but they have the trust of the community. I recently saw a local moms group facebook post asking for recommendations for a ultrasound clinic and Peek at me 4D was the clear winner. Why are moms recommending this over other places? Why are they so amazing? I’ll give you a list in this post that will hopefully give you some insight on why you should choose Peek at me 4D to take a little peek at your sweet growing baby.

Peek at me 4D and why they are amazing

Peek at Me 4D | Customer Service

Their customer service is great. Isn’t this the thing that really makes or breaks an experience for all of us? From what I hear from other moms, Peek at me 4D is not only incredible at returning calls, but they are also very clear in their communication with services offered and what to expect. One testimony from a local mom says that at her appointment her baby was shy and wouldn’t let them see his/her face. Peek at me 4D allowed this mom to come back at a later date, free of charge, to get a better image of baby’s face! Incredible customer service. This is something that is SO important to me. As an Alabama Newborn Photographer that specializes in full service photography, I would never recommend a place that is lacking in quality of service.

Peek at me 4D and why they are amazing

Peek at Me 4D | Technology

They have the latest equipment. Isn’t it so disappointing to see something (particularly on social media) and go to look for that same thing and find out it just doesn’t exist where you live? This is not the case with Peek at me 4D. As you can clearly tell from their name, they not only have 3D ultrasound machines but 4D as well. What is the difference between 2D, 3D and 4D? I’ll try to explain in the simple terms from what I can understand. (disclaimer: I’m not a doctor or an ultrasound tech. Always consult with your doctor for your medical needs) 2D is the classic ultrasound image and exactly what you expect it to be. No dimension just a flat image using sound waves that bounce off your baby back to the device to reveal an image. 3D uses the same technology as 2D but with more advanced technology takes into account different depths and locations to reveal a more dimensional image. This brings us to 4D. What on earth is 4D?? 4D is basically a 3D video of your unborn baby. It takes very rapid 3D images of your little one with the 3D technology and pieces them together creating a real time “video” of your baby. You can see them move around and interact! How cool is that?! At Peek at me 4D you will be able to get clearest image of your little one.

Peek at me 4D and why they are amazing

Peek at Me 4D | Family Friendly

They are family friendly. I can’t tell you how heart breaking the last few years have been for many of us wanting to include our families in big moments in our life, but being restricted for one reason or another. My family is SO important to me and these are memories that you can’t replicate. Peek at me 4D understands that you want your family to be involved in every special moment of your little one’s life and they can accommodate up to 25 extra people!! Their website states that they need advanced notice to accommodate more than 10, but that is absolutely incredible to me. So often, my children have had to miss out on these special moments because we are a big family of 8 and people don’t seem to want to accommodate us. Peek at me 4D has really put a priority on inclusivity and I’m so impressed. No need to leave anyone out of the memory making moment. Bring the whole family.

I hope this has been helpful to you. I know that I will be letting all my pregnant mama friends know about Peek at me 4D in Trussville. Such an amazing place. You can contact them HERE for more information.

If you are on the hunt for images of your unborn baby you might also be interested in images of your newborn baby! I would love to chat with you about a newborn photography experience with me. You can read more about the experience or reach out today to find out if we are a good fit.

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