The 4 Best Qualities to Look for in a Birmingham Midwife

So you’re looking for a Birmingham Midwife? This can be an overwhelming decision. I’ve been there. Six times. (yes, I’ve had six babies!) This is one of the most important decisions of your life. It can greatly affect your future health both physically and mentally. If I had one piece of advice to give a new mom it would be this: don’t ignore your mama instinct. I truly believe that a mother’s love will guide her to always make the best decision for her children in any circumstance. Your number one goal for your child is their wellbeing. So if you want to see a Birmingham Midwife and not a doctor? You do just that. I had the opportunity to interview Aurora Midwifery and Hamilton was kind enough to thoroughly answer my many many questions about their practice! Below you will find a guide that will help you to understand what qualities to look for in a Birmingham Midwife (spoiler…caring deeply about their patients is key!!)

Qualities to look for in a Birmingham Midwife

Birmingham Midwife | Level of Care and Service

1. Why would someone choose a Birmingham midwife over a Doctor?

  • Statistically because of the lower rates of Cesarean birth – midwives both in the hospital and at home tend to have lower cesarean rates without increased rates of maternal or neonatal morbidity or mortality, and homebirth midwives especially have lower rates – typically running around 5% of births. We also tend to have higher satisfaction rates. 
  • Physically, Birmingham Midwives can provide newborn care for the first 28 days of life as CNMs in the state – so you don’t have to see your pediatrician repetitively that first month and really get to rest and recover like you should be able to do – your pelvic floor and abdominal muscles will thank us! All visits in the first two weeks postpartum are home visits for us because we really want to honor a family’s time to recover as you transition to having your new little human with you, and mother’s time to recover from the work she just did growing and birthing new life! 
  • In the home setting, you get two hours for your first appointment, and an hour for every subsequent appointment and an hour for all of your postpartum appointments – this gives you adequate time to connect to your pregnancy, your providers, and work through preparing for labor, birth, and your postpartum transition. 
  • Greater breadth of understanding of natural remedies (although this may vary from midwife to midwife and OB to OB)
Qualities to look for in a Birmingham Midwife

The Expertise of a Birmingham Midwife

2. What do you wish all moms knew before giving birth?

  • Birth is not something to be afraid of – like anything in life (driving your car, etc) there are always some risks – but 99% of the time there are no complications, and you really, truly are capable of having a birth where you are spiritually, emotionally, physically connected to yourself and your partner, and this is one of the most beautiful days of your life – not in spite of labor and birth but because of it. You are literally manifesting your love in this world, and the reward at the end is indescribable, but the process is equally as moving.  

3. Tell me a Birmingham Midwife birth story!

  • Recently, we had a mom who had her second baby with us. Her first birth was in the hospital when I was there – she did all the things, hired a doula prepared – took the group classes – but still was feeling really disconnected from her partner during birth even though he did the checklist of helping and supporting, and I was unfortunately not on call when she had her baby. We all processed a lot together and prepared for how we could support them being together and experiencing this birth as one. She called, so surprised that she was in labor weeks before she went into labor with her first – and we got there early, started an IV because she decided to have antibiotics for prevention for GBS, but thinking it would still be awhile since we came early. We were wrong – mom and dad were singing in the kitchen, just being together in their safe space – and it became clear pretty soon that things were picking up fast. We moved towards the bathroom, and she filled up her garden tub and got in. In the midst of transition, dad was beside her – mimicking my behavior and finding his own ground too as he affirmed her and upheld her. She gripped my hands, I encouraged her to let her body work, and melt into the wave of intensity – her baby would be here soon. She started pushing at the peak of a contraction, then more with each mounting wave of intensity, and then the sweetest little baby was born into mom and dad’s hands. Relief, tears, joy and all the flood of emotions followed as she proudly proclaimed, “I did it.” and they proudly and powerfully proclaimed, “We did it!” The most absolutely gorgeous birth pause happened after, as mom let her baby float safely on the water and just checked him out, slowly getting ot know him and giving him kisses. Praying blessings on his sweet fingers and toes and perfectly whole body. It was just so beautiful seeing them go through the process this time – getting to be with them, encouraging dad to be fully involved in the whole process, not pushed to the side or just given a task list – but to look in his love’s eyes and see her strength, to catch his baby together with her in the light of the afternoon sun shining in the bathroom. The mother recounted after that just our presence, the holding of hands and speaking of words, the being, and the genuine belief in her that she saw in me as the sun shone on the brown flecks of my eyes – reminded her she was powerful, like I knew she was.  That is what it is all about for us, to uphold that space so you know you are just as powerful and capable in every moment as you are in this massively transformational one; and that is the biggest honor of a lifetime. 
Qualities to look for in a Birmingham Midwife

The Common Sense of a Birmingham Midwife

4. If I use a Birmingham Midwife do I have to give birth at home?

  • Of course not, but if you would like us to attend your birth and catch your baby then yes! If you are too high risk for homebirth, we will take a couple of clients monthly for Alongside Care where we see you for the majority of your care, but you plan a hospital birth with a hospital provider – we can come alongside you in the role of doula / labor support, and then resume postpartum care. 
Qualities to look for in a Birmingham Midwife

Common sense is something that seems to be lacking in a lot of areas of our world these days. I’m so grateful for a Birmingham Midwife like Hamilton and Jasmine that definitely have common sense as part of their tool belt. If you are wanting to find out more about Aurora Midwifery and ask them some questions yourself click HERE.

If you’d like to inquire about a photography experience with me I would find it a joy to chat more with you. You can click HERE to read about the newborn experience or you can click HERE to send me a note. I’d love to answer all your questions.

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