The Ultimate Guide to Shopping at Name Dropper

As a Montgomery Family Photographer that has a high-end studio wardrobe, I often get asked about my thoughts on the best children’s stores. Name Dropper is definitely on the list of best places to shop for parents of young children. I have a very particular way of shopping for my children and my studio wardrobe and I thought it would be a really great resource for you to give you a guide on how to shop at Name Dropper for your little ones.

a guide to shopping at Name Dropper

First a little history on Name Dropper is important. Did you know they have been in business for 80 years? When I’m shopping for clothing for my children I really care about the quality and customer service of a shop. If you’ve been in business for 80 years you are obviously doing something right! The second thing I really love about Name Dropper is that they are family owned. In an age where big box stores are crushing small owned businesses I love doing everything I can to support the American Dream. Small businesses are the backbone of America and its honestly an honor to support them any day of the year…not just that one day in November that gets a lot of attention. You know, the day after Black Friday? Not sure who started that….but lets have “small business saturday” every day of the year, shall we?

Now that you know your experience will be great at Name Dropper and that you are supporting the community by shopping at a small business, lets get to the 3 things I look for when purchasing clothing for my own children and studio.

a guide to shopping at Name Dropper

The Color Choices of the Retailer

Color. Now, with my studio wardrobe, color is paramount. Maybe one of the most important details I look at. Not the only one. But its a big deal. I happen to think that color is also a big deal when you are shopping for your own families’ wardrobe. You can definitely be a little more relaxed than I am with my studio wardrobe, but I tend to think that certain colors are timeless. If you are planning on handing these pieces of clothing down to other children and grandchildren, you don’t want something that will be obnoxious and dated in 10-20 years. In my opinion, neutrals always win. Now, with that being said, the color of your families wardrobe should make your heart sing. So if neon is where its at for you, do it!! Buy the neon pink dress (honestly, I think that can also be incredibly cute). But the great thing about Name Dropper is that they carry so many different colors and tones of outfits. Need something blue? There is a whole section for that. Bright colors are your jam? Name Dropper has plenty of options there. You need neutrals like you need air? Look no further. Don’t underestimate the power of color (or lack of it!) when you are putting together your children’s wardrobe.

a guide to shopping at Name Dropper

The Fabric of Your Brand Name Clothing

Fabric. I grew up sewing with my mom. I know. I think that makes me a grandma. But honestly, it gave me a really great perspective on looking at the quality of clothing. I can’t tell you how frustrating it is to find a really cute outfit, wash it, then find that it just looks like junk coming out of the dryer. Name Dropper carries the best brands that use the finest fabrics. 100% cotton will not only last a long time, but it will be kind to your little one’s skin and Name Dropper has that in mind. Another little known thing that my mom taught me to look for when checking quality is how a print or design has been worked onto the fabric. Or better yet, into the fabric. Cheaper brands will print a design on the top of the fabric. Think of it like “painting” the design onto a blank canvas. At some point, after many times through the wash, that design is going to fade with time. The truly heirloom quality pieces will have the design either embroidered on or literally woven into the fabric. The design is created by each individual thread holding the color and creating the design by being woven together in a certain pattern. Honestly, there are artists that are famous for doing this exact thing with different mediums! It’s truly an art form and the heirloom clothing that Name Dropper carries will last through as many washes as you can handle. And we all know that kids clothes need to be washed….a lot!

a guide to shopping at Name Dropper

The Style of Your Name Dropper Clothing

Style. Think about what you wore as a child. Do you wince? Are you embarrassed? Trends are fun and I definitely hop on board some of them, but the things that make my heart sing are the styles that are timeless. They will be relevant for years to come because they aren’t dependent on current social rules. Name Dropper carries the most timeless pieces for just this reason! I really think you can’t go wrong when perusing the aisles (online or in person) of Name Dropper. Timeless beauty is just a given. If you want some tips for what to look for just look for pieces that you’ve seen for hundreds of years. These are the details that will live on for many more years to come.

I hope this was a fun read for you! I am so impressed with Name Dropper and the quality of what they carry! If you have children or you are expecting children I know you won’t be disappointed shopping at this amazing store

Since you are interested in quality clothing for your family I imagine preserving memories is also important to you. I encourage you to read more about a family photography experience with me. If you are ready to reach out about a session I would love to chat with you.

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